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Vile Creature Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! LP

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Glory, Glory! Apathy took Helm! is the third record from experimental doom duo Vile Creature... that is the first line of one of the press releases someone way better than I am at writing came up with and honestly lets go with it. i am down with being experimental doom, that sounds cool right? right. well... this is an LP, its got 5 songs but they're really 4 cause the last two is basically one long ass song we cut into two pieces cause some of y'all are impatient and like to skip shit... which is fine, you do you, but really just consider it 4 songs and dont skip anything okay? great thanks. where was i? oh... this is an LP, it comes in three colours: translucent blue, translucent yellow, and translucent black but that last one is only available in stores i think so you can snag the yellow or blue here. they are prettier anyways if you ask me. the music is good too! i am really proud of it! also the art is bananas and thats all due to Danika who took the photo, Stephen who illustrated it (as he does with basically everything we do?) and Bri who was the model. yes they're real worms, no they weren't hurt and yes they are still alive and feasting on dog shit and old veg in the compost bin in our back yard. you can't fact check that because i am not telling you where we live that is a violation of my privacy but you can take our words for it i promise. cool? cool. shit where was i again? oh yeah... this is a record, you can buy it on vinyl and it comes with a digital download code! so yay mp3s! do you still use an ipod? cause if so you can load those mp3s on there and take the record with you wherever you go... jogging, daycare, dinner, anywhere! i miss my ipod, it got stolen out of my 2001 toyota rav4 in philadelphia in 2012 and i don't think my music collection ever really recovered ya know? man this has been a great chat, thanks we should do this more often.
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