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18 Candles: The Early Years 2xLP

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Silverstein's compilation album '18 Candles: The Early Years' includes their previously released, then-out-of-print EPs 'Summer's Stellar Gaze' and 'When The Shadows Beam', plus a mix of acoustic and live renditions of early fan favourites. Originally released in 2006. 'Mint' LP variant limited to 219 copies.


Track listing:


Summer's Stellar Gaze (2000)

1. Waiting Four Years

2. Wish I Could Forget You

3. Friends In Fall River

4. Summer's Stellar Gaze

5. My Consolation

6. Forever And A Day


When The Shadows Beam (2002)

7. Red Light Pledge

8. Dawn Of The Fall

9. Wish I Could Forget You

10. Bleeds No More

11. Last Days Of Summer

12. Waiting Four Years


Bonus Tracks (2006)

13. My Heroine (Acoustic)

14. Call It Karma (Acoustic)

15. Smile In Your Sleep (A Crude Mechanical Remix)

16. Discovering The Waterfront (Live)

17. Defend You (Live)

18. Bleeds No More featuring WiL from Aiden (Live)